If They Can’t See You, They Can’t Hear You!

Posted on May 3, 2011 by admin

Have you ever been at a gathering where a group of people were talking and each time one person entered the conversation, she (and it is almost always a “she”) was ignored? I have. It is as if that person is invisible.

I will never forget working with a lady shortly after I took the Four Seasons color training many years ago. She was 40ish and very attractive. Her medium brown hair was graying and she wore glasses with light brown rims. She had just come from work and was wearing an attractive beige suit with an off-white blouse and minimal make-up. She was oatmeal from head to toe. This very attractive woman had done everything she could to become invisible. Is there any way that she could have been impactful in the workplace, let alone in a social setting?

With this lady, I found that she was a Summer. She came alive in the typical summer pinks, blues and violets. We did her make-up with cool-toned base and rose-tone blush. Soft eye shadow with brown mascara and a yummy pink-toned lipstick added the finishing touch. Suddenly, you could not only see her but she was stunning.

Of course, the color system that I use now is much more complex so that you are not limited to one of four seasons, and the final effect is even more impactful. 

I am always saddened when I see women who opt for the “natural” look. This means make-up is none or minimal and there is little attention to how the clothes fit or if the colors are becoming. Grooming is not important – who needs an iron? But what are these women doing to themselves? They are invisible. They may be the most competent person in the office but in most work environments, will not be the person promoted.

So, how do you have you voice be heard? 

First of all, grooming is imperative. Pressed, well-fitting clothes will make an impact. Hair should be well coiffed. Manicured nails – not necessarily in a salon but neatly done and no chipped polish. Missing buttons or hems hanging are the kiss of death.

Wearing colors that complement your natural coloring helps make that first impression. The right colors give a glow to your natural coloring while the wrong colors can make you look anemic. 

Finally, well executed make-up will finish your look. We’re not talking about Lady GaGa make-up. That will get you noticed, but not in the way you want! Choose colors that complement your skin tone. Give stronger emphasis to your eyes or your lips, not both. Stronger lip color has come back into style this season so if you have great lips, use a stronger color on them with less emphasis on the eyes. If you opt for stronger lip color, take care that one doesn’t see your lips before seeing the rest of your face. You want people to see you in totality.

The well-groomed woman, wearing the right colors with tasteful make-up will have a voice. Speak up and be recognized for the competent beauty you are!

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