Is Fall Finally Here?

Posted on October 13, 2010 by admin 

It’s October and the leaves are changing so, despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, it is time to think of switching to fall clothes.

I have just started my bi-annual closet audit. Our closets in the condo are not as large as they were in the house, so for the first time, I am going to pack away summer clothes, giving more room for my winter garments. I know many women who love this approach to seasonal change. When it’s time to unpack your spring clothes, it seems like greeting old friends. This also allows you to look at each garment with fresh eyes. You may discover something that you thought was a keeper, is really not quite up to standard for a new season. Or, perhaps one of your go-to pieces has really become tired and needs to be repurposed.

First, I look over each item and make sure it does not have stains, pulls or other signs of wear. Then, I determine if it needs to go to the cleaners. Anything with visible soiling needs to be sent. However, if it is just wrinkled, I am packing it away so the dry cleaning can be done in the spring and the garment is ready to wear.

A quick tip: don’t stores clothes in the plastic drycleaner bags. Dry cleaner bags do not allow natural fibers to breathe. 

Something else that I did was store a few things that I am not quite ready to give up. There is that beautiful, beaded long evening dress and the suede suite. I have worn neither of them for several years, yet they are not Good Will candidates but probably not quite up to standard for a resale shop. I also packed away the turquoise silk dress that I wore 24 years ago when we got married. The style was timeless but the shoulders have become faded from hanging in the closet. That is definitely a sentimental “must keep”. Besides, my husband who is far more sentimental than I, would be really upset if that dress disappeared!

Summer shoes were transferred to the secondary closet in a hanging storage unit. My winter shoes now reside in my primary closet. All sweaters and blouses are arranged by color. I added a separate grouping for those things that I wear at home and on weekends and those garments that I wear for working with clients, meetings and other events. Slacks and jeans are grouped in the same fashion. My suits, skirts and jackets also reside together.

Now, when I walk into my closet, I know exactly what I have and what items work with each other. With that information top of mind, I can keep an eye open for new fall looks that can be worn with what I have in my closet and which accent pieces might give a fresh new look.

To paraphrase Coco Chanel: You don’t need a closet full of clothes; only a few great pieces that look fabulous on you. 

Want some help choosing those few great pieces? Call me. We’ll determine which pieces those should be and what accents can give them lots of mileage. 404-467-0288 office 404-428-2527 mobile.

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