Keep Stylishly Warm


With weather dipping down into the 30’s, it’s time to think sweaters!  I love it when the temperatures become cooler and one can slip into a warm, cozy sweater.  Happily, this fall brings many choices.

After several seasons of very lightweight sweaters, great for layering, bulky knits are again being added to the mix.     There is a way to wear each style effectively and therein lies the challenge.

This blue/black/white color blocked sweater is an excellent example.  There is a nice balance in the colors—and the blue draws your attention to the upper part of the body while having the black stripe blends with the jeans and your eye does not even notice the tummy area. The light colored cowl draws your attention right where you want it—to the face.

The next example has just too much going on.  When combining colors or patterns, there needs to be a dominant focus with other elements being subordinate.  Perhaps using a pattern and two colors might work, showing dominant, secondary and tertiary, but this sweater adds more and more.  The eye doesn’t know where to focus and the center of attention becomes the leopard print, not the model.  The sleeves alone have three points of focus – two colors, asymmetric line and different lengths in the asymmetry.   In my opinion, all black sleeves would have been better.  I also would have preferred a more earthy color to support the earthy leopard print instead of a sophisticated blue.  This is all about using harmony in creativity so I would love to hear your ideas at

This bulky gray sweater really engulfs the model.  To wear something this full and heavy, one would need to be tall, large boned, and have a lot of “presence”.  The model’s hair pulled back further diminishes her presence so she almost looks like a little girl playing dress-up.  On the other hand, the striped, bulky, oversized sweater is adorable.  What makes it work is that it is a lighter knit and is much shorter.  These skinny jeans give the perfect proportional balance for the sweater.  The scarf is artfully looped to show more neck and serving as a frame for her face.

The biggest key is to keep proportion and scale in mind when choosing this season’s over-sized coats and sweaters.  Choose wisely and enjoy the style.


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