Lose Five Pounds in Minutes

“So how do you lose five pounds in a matter of minutes?”  you might ask.   It’s easy!  Switch to the new, smaller handbag!

It has been nearly ten years since designers introduced huge handbags and women embraced them!  Early in this phase, a friend of mine arrived at a meeting proudly showing off her new handbag – or, perhaps more accurately described as an overnight bag.  My friend is barely five feet tall and probably weighs 100 pounds.  She could almost have crawled into the bag herself!

As an image consultant, one element of dressing well is using proper scale.  If one is petite like my friend, a small handbag reflecting her small scale is the best choice.  The majority of handbags in this oversized fashion craze are much too large in scale for the average woman.   It is not only the visual considerations; your health is at risk.  Chiropractors have been treating women for years for muscle pain, headaches and other ailments as a result of carrying too much in their handbag.

Today, small is big in purse fashion!  So just say no to toting kids toys, diapers and snacks.  Leave the water bottle, umbrella and extra pair of shoes in the car.  If you need to carry your laptop and other heavy items for work, consider a bag with wheels.  Empty your purse daily and just put back the essentials back.  To carry a small bag you must be organized!

These smaller bags include clutches and cross-body designs.  The cross body design is the fastest growing segment in the industry.  It offers the freedom of being hands free and balances the weight of the bag over your body.  This design is the fastest growing segment in the industry.  The cross-body is a great accessory if you are attending an outdoor festival or want to dance.  The style is a more casual look and not appropriate for business.

Clutches are another smaller option.  Designers are offering them with a hard shell so you won’t be tempted to overstuff them.  Some women slip a clutch inside their regular purse to carry out to lunch, to a meeting or out to dinner after work.  Note the creative handbag design pictured that has a zip-off clutch on the front.

The great news:  these smaller bags are less expensive.  You can own several for the price of an oversized bag so mix it up and let your bag be the accent of color.  If you must carry a larger bag for work, switch to small for the weekend.   How cool would it be to find your keys immediately, have your cell phone at your fingertips or know exactly where you put your lipstick?  Addictions take work to conquer but you can overcome the compulsion to have everything but the kitchen sink in your purse.  Enjoy the freedom of simplification!   Your back will love you and your image consultant will applaud! http://stylewithaplomb.com/style-blog/?p=2227

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