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Founder Amanda Chasse Flower.
Founder Amanda Chasse Flower.

Who ever heard of a shoe that was pretty and practical?   Aren’t they all about fashion? Enticing you with a new nuance so that you just have to own them?

Amanda Chasse Flower, whom I have know for about four years, came up with the concept of designing a women’s line of shoes that was practical, durable and affordable. What a novel idea!   Hearing bits of conservation on progress of the project has been fascinating. She has had some wonderful mentors to guide her through this daunting process and amazing tenacity to prevail. Her line of ChasseChic shoes has now launched!

Not the right look?  Change it!
Not the right look? Change it!

Here are some excerpts from a recent interview with her.

Beryl: What inspired you to develop your own line of shoes?

Amanda: Entering the workplace after graduating from college, I was faced with having a casual, college wardrobe and nothing to wear for work. TJMaxx, Marshall’s and Goodwill saved the day for the moment. Transitioning into a professional role requiring suits and closed-toed shoes brought another wardrobe challenge.   With most of my paycheck going to my work wardrobe, I didn’t

The versatile flat.
The versatile flat.

have the budget to replace shoes that continually seemed to fall apart in one way or another. I began to dream of having one basic, reliable pair of business shoes that I could use accessories to change the look.  From that concept, I developed a basic pair of black leather heels, and created decorative details for different accents.

Beryl: What were some of the challenges that you faced from this concept to production?

Let's add a bow!
Let’s add a bow!

Amanda: It was extremely difficult to bring this product from concept to reality. At first I could not get a manufacturer to even talk with me. They were accustomed to producing thousands of shoes daily for large retailers. Once a manufacturer was found, it took two years to perfect the design with many redo’s.   Despite navigating international commerce and language barriers I was thrilled to find that the shoes came in perfect. Thinking the biggest challenge had been achieved, it was a huge disappointment to receive an order of 1800 ChicCessories (the decorative elements) and discover they had been made wrong, resulting in a five-month launch delay.

Keep it simple and classic.
Keep it simple and classic.

We are delighted with the product. I have been wearing my pair of ChasseChic for over a year and they are still so comfortable and look like new.

The most amazing part of this story is that instead of paying $300, $500 or upwards, you will have money left over from a $100 bill! You can check out ChasseChic at For more articles featuring Amanda and her shoe line, go to

Maybe we have another Atlanta great idea turned huge success.  Sara Blakely and Spanx may need to share the spotlight with Amanda Chasse Flower and ChasseChic!


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