Meghan Markle, Britain’s newest “Royal”

May 31, 2018

Meghan Markle, Britain’s newest “Royal”
Marrying into the Royal Family in England would be daunting to most anyone. It hasn’t been that long ago when King Edward’s desire to marry Wallace Simpson led to his abdication of the thrown.  American born, Simpson not only did not have the proper royal ancestry, she was divorced!
Oversized shirt and torn jeans look
Although some of these strict rules have relaxed, Meghan Markle is also facing similar challenges in becoming a part of the Royal family.   Meghan, also an American and a former actress, is divorced, and has not been exposed to the regulations imposed upon royalty dictating expected dress and conduct code. Kate had the advantage of being British and living with Prince William while they were in college. Kate’s innate style is elegant so fitting in is not quite such a stretch. However, I would imagine that it would be challenging for anyone not born into royalty, to adjust to living under constant scrutiny and “expectations”.
More actress than royalty.
Meghan’s style is “edgy” and many of her choices will not meet the conservative, “royalty” standard. Fortunately, Prince Harry will probably never be King so the bar is not as high. He has always seemed to have his own mind so he and Meghan will hopefully be allowed more leeway than William and Kate.
Ripped jeans and over-sized men’s shirts is one look that the queen will probably not find appropriate for royalty.  I agree with this, royalty or not. Why would someone want to look like they just shopped at the Salvation Army?   Obviously, I am in the wrong generation.
Messy bun.  Edgy and adorable:  not for state appearances.
Meghan’s sometimes see-through tops, deep-cut necklines and very short skirts will also probably not meet with approval. These work if you are an actress but not so much if you are representing the royal family for your country.
A messy bun look no doubt won’t be acceptable for public appearances. It might be accepted for meeting a girlfriend for lunch.  Meghan is adorable with her edgy look but I expect her to modify her dress somewhat while being true to her own style.
One unusual fashion habit for Meghan is wearing mis-matched earrings. This is a fun nuance with costume jewelry-not sure how this will translate with those incredible treasures in the royal jewelry collection!
Meghan can wear strong colors.  This warm brown is dull– not lively.
It is always a treat to be a spectator for amazing royal weddings, sharing in their extraordinary pageantry. After the wedding comes a marriage. We all wish the young couple a wonderful future. May their they be able to be themselves while representing the crown with honor.

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