New York Fashion Week Launches Spring


Letterman Jackets. Back to school.
Letterman Jackets. Back to school.

It’s that time of year again! Designers through-out the globe are ready to show their visions of how we should look for the upcoming season. New York was last week then on to Milan and Paris.

New York was much more abuzz with social media than what models were wearing. It was all about creating excitement with sets and technology broadcasting the show out on Instagram . As you might imagine, the younger designers, seemed to shine the brightest in their execution of technology to promote their fresh, new designs.

There were many trends. It seemed each report that I reviewed, had a slightly different list. Since this show was just New York, there will no doubt be some differences and some consolidation what is truly going to be the new trend.

Sleeves and longer length. It's a home run!
Sleeves and longer length. It’s a home run!

Bomber Jackets or school letter jackets appear in the traditional styles to be worn casually with jeans or made of the same fabric as slacks for a more sophisticated casual look. If you are a sporty type, this could be a fun look to wear. If you are elegant, dramatic, or feminine, it probably won’t work.

0400089180233_247x329Off the Shoulder is popular with many designers. We have not seen this look for some time so it is fun and fresh.   The key will be to wear the right bra. A no-bra look only works at the beach so good support and no straps visible are key.

I noticed focus on two colors. Orange is back in the spotlight again, ranging from bright orange to a salmon. These are usually best worn if you have warm-toned coloring. Orange is also a very strong color, making it memorable. You won’t be choosing orange for your basic to wear frequently.   The other emerging color trend was described by one reporter as “murky”.     This dress in Bordeaux is a perfect example .

The new "murky" colors.
The new “murky” colors.

Good news for most everyone!   Sleeves are coming back.   How long has it been since you have seen sleeves on a dress? It is also the missing component in clothing that I hear the most complaints about. Some collections went to extremes with old- fashioned mutton-leg styles. Yes, this was even pre-Downton Abbey!   Other collections offered some very creative ways to cover part of the arm such as the off-shoulder and the charming little stylized cap sleeve of the orange dress.

Versatile, wear-ever skirt in longer length.
Versatile, wear-ever skirt in longer length.

The last new trend will be welcome to most everyone over 30. Longer skirts! It is exciting to think of choosing a new dress without having to strategize how to cover 6” of thigh and still look professional.   Since longer skirts can look dowdy, look at yourself in the mirror from all angles and take a selfie. If it doesn’t seem to be your ideal length, longer skirts can always be shortened. Sometimes just below the knee is a good length and sometimes longer. We each have our “sweet spot” for the skirt length that looks best so don’t think you have to take it as-is!  

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