Nude in New York


If New York has switched to nude, can the rest of the country be far behind?

Color choices for manicures have dramatically changed from the time when the choice was shades of red, pink or neutral.  Today, it is hard to find a selection of those shades among the blue, yellow, green, black and any other shade one might conceive or wearing.

Nail salons in New York are seeing a trend back to nude shades and I, for one, am pleased to see this change.  It is fun for young girls to choose unusual colors, add flowers, sparkles, or geometric designs but I don’t see these as a good choice for most women.

Bright colors do not belong in the majority of offices.  There might be a place for blues, yellows and greens in a more artistic setting but in the business world, it is not a professional look.   It is hard to take a banker, financial planner, or attorney seriously when they are wearing bright yellow or polka dots nail polish.

Drawing attention to your hands is not necessarily the best idea.   Many people use their hands when talking – some more than others.   My husband once said, “Can you repeat that?  I blinked.”  We communicate more effectively when the focus on our face.  Others can hear what we are saying, read our expression.

Bright colors on shorter nails make fingers look stubby.  If you want to appear to have long, slender fingers, this is not the way to do it.  Nude polish on oval nails help make nails appear longer;  the nail appears to be an extension of the finger.

Hands show aging.  We can use the best creams on our faces and have various treatments to keep looking younger but our hands are a dead giveaway.  I remember how attractive Nancy Reagan was as First Lady.  She was always impeccably groomed, appropriately and beautifully dressed in her size 4’s even though she was in her 70’s.  However, I remember being shocked by a photo of her showing a close-up of her hands.  They were covered with brown spots with some enlarged joints, betraying her otherwise youthful appearance.

On the practical side, neutral polish does not show chips.  Nothing is more frustrating than chipping a nail just before a meeting or event where you want to look your very best.  Chances are, nobody will notice if you have chosen nude.

It may be boring and lack creativity, but nude is good.


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