Out of the Pumpkin Patch

Have you noticed how orange has moved from the pumpkin patch into the limelight?  I have been noticing how many women news presenters are wearing orange–not to mention the men’s orange ties.

images-5Orange in its saturated form is an “in-your-face” kind of color.   One color expert defines people who love orange as high energy, organized and capable. They love order, form and design–the “get the job done” kind of person.   So what’s not to like?

A bright, saturated orange will not complement someone with pink undertones in their skin. Instead of giving a healthy glow to the skin, it can create an unhealthy orange cast. One’s eye will tire of looking at the intensity of orange so, if you are front and center for a period of time, you may lose the attention of your audience.images-6

But, let’s don’t throw orange under the bus just yet. If you’ve got a little of that orange personality, there is a way you can add a splash into your closet for fall.   A key consideration is that you are noticed and then what you are wearing—not the other way around.

Notice how the photo with the navy jacket draws the eye to the face of this strawberry blonde model and the bright orange dress is not the focus. I like how the neutral shoes relate to her hair color, and help draw the eye back up to her face.

images-1If you are cool toned, choose a coral such as the jacket and jeans ensemble. This is a really fun combination for casual chic. It could be worn by a variety of ages and body shapes by just choosing a flattering jeans cut.

This zigzag print takes a lot of energy to wear but adding white has softened the coral shade of orange further. The “V” of the pattern works really well with the “V” shaped chin of this model. Her dark hair keeps your attention on her face. The color would overpower a low-contrast individual even if she had a high energy level.

The shift dress uses its black Peter Pan collar to bring attention to the face. This orange has been softened by adding black so the black collar and socks make perfectly good sense. A Peter Pan color is always very young and innocent looking, thus it rarely works for a mature person or in a business context.imgres-1

Although none of these examples will work in most business setting, I hope your creative juice are starting to flow with ideas of how you might add a touch of orange into your fall look. Just looking for a teaspoon of this vibrant color? A great new scarf or touch of orange in jewelry may be the perfect accent.


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