Pantsuit Comeback

At the finale of the Miu Miu runway show, Miuccia Prada surprised the audience by appearing in a pantsuit from her Prada collection.  If you have been following fashion ads and articles, you know that Prada not only has some of the most extreme fashions but some great creative designs that don’t require you to be a space alien to wear.

In past seasons, all designers have presented every iteration of the dress imaginable, leaving the suit as an ugly stepchild.   Suits are back!   Pantsuits – or trouser suits as is the new terminology – are in every collection.   Suits are, and have always been, a staple in a woman’s professional business wardrobe.  Pantsuits have not been popular over the last few years so women have gone to suits with skirts and wearing jackets over classic dresses to create that professional look.  I am glad to see pantsuits coming back.  They add more versatility to a woman’s wardrobe and are more practical in some work situations – for example, picking your way through dirt and studs to show a new home development.

Pantsuits are the best choice for some people.  Hillary Clinton has very unattractive legs so her designers wisely dressed her in pantsuits early in the Clinton presidency.   (I will not comment on her choices of colors, styles or hair in recent years.)  The downside on pantsuits is that pants are much more difficult to fit than skirts.  It is hard enough to find a pair of jeans or slacks that fit properly but add the complication of fining a suit with a matching jacket and it can become a real challenge.  The best solution is to find a line that sells the jackets and bottoms separately.

Select a style that says “You”.  Angelica Houston is going to wear a very different suit style than Scarlett Johansson, and Diane Sawyer will choose something totally different from Diane Keaton.  Know your style and stay true to it.

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In the photos, notice how different the suit appears on Cate Blanchett than the runway model.  On Cate the jacket appears much too long, making this tall, beautiful actress look dumpy.  The Armani walking shorts suit is just fun – probably not what most people would add to their wardrobe but then no everyone can wear orange well, either.  The Gucci all white pairs a different jacket with trousers that have a matching jacket.  I love the idea of mixing and matching to get different looks from your wardrobe, however, this jacket is just enough off color to look like you tried to match it and didn’t quit make it.  Better to use a contrasting color if it really doesn’t match.

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