Polyester is Back!

Do any of you remember the era of polyester?  Hard, shiny fabric finishes that were uncomfortable on your skin.   Nor did they breathe so you had the illusion of being in a sauna on hot summer days.  And who could forget the polyester leisure suits or the world’s ugliest golf trousers?  My husband teases me that I get hives when I handle a polyester garment.

Natural fibers are wonderful.  Who would not love the shimmer of silk, the feel of quality wool or appreciate how cotton and linen breathe making the summer heat more bearable.  Of course, these fibers have their problems as well.  Silk is expensive to care for and clings tenaciously to any stain.  Linen seems to wrinkle before you put it on and, if you dare to sit, one wearing will produce a huge bubble in the derriere.

Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Polyester is back in full force, borrowed from industry – medical supply manufactures, for example – possessing the advantage of being extremely strong and lightweight.  Only the name has changed.   It seems that I am not the only one with a bias against polyester so “techno” fabric and other such names are now used to help make polyester socially acceptable.  European designers seem to be leading the rush to using polyester.  Two years ago German brand Escada, along with a few other design houses, introduced their techno fabric.   I recommend Techno fabric for clients who travel often.  One can simply wash it out in the evening and hang it up.  The next morning it is clean, dry and wrinkle-free.  Who wouldn’t love that convenience?

Techno fabrics are being blended with cashmere for sports and men’s wear, create lightweight windproof, rainproof garment while retaining the wonderful feel of cashmere.

Fall runway shows were replete with iterations of techno.  Don’t get excited thinking you will find lower price points on these polyester garments.  Quite the contrary!
One dress by Talbot Runhof was priced at  $10,000.

If you travel frequently, adding a techno garment might serve you well.  It doesn’t take long to make up the cost of sending garments out while on the road, especially in foreign countries.    Could use some guidance?  Call us and we can design a simple core wardrobe that will allow you to carry-on but not feel like you are wearing the same thing each day.  Beryl@StyleWithAplomb.com  404-428-2527

Taken from Christina Binkley’s WSJ fashion article.

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