Put a Workhorse to Work


Perfect for a rectangle or oval.
Perfect for a rectangle or oval.

Dresses continue to be huge in the fashion world. Exciting news for this fall is the variation of styles and lengths. Even though we have been promised longer lengths the last few seasons, stores were dominated by mid-thigh skirts. Great for the 20 something crowd but not so much for those of us over 40! Or for the professional work environment.

Another happy discovery is sleeves. Sleeveless dresses have ruled for several years. They are great with a jacket but you then lose the versatility of wearing them as a stand-alone garment. Also, I have recently been following some fashion blogs discussions only to see that many companies discourage sleeveless dresses or blouses in the workplace.0400086979286_ASTL_247x329

What I love about this season’s options is choice! I discovered several great examples without having to search far. A good sign that you won’t have to search far either. Let’s look at some different examples.

This adorable red dress shift dress is a little short but it works for most any age with the black opaque hose and booties. I love the little split design at the skirt and the ¾ length sleeves are an excellent choice for the lady who wants to show less arm. Booties are huge this season but usually give a shorter leg appearance. By using dark tights matching the booties, it gives the desired long leg line

Flaired skirt for a triangle.
Flaired skirt for a triangle.

while looking very fashion forward.   The shift will work especially well for a rectangle or oval. Bypassing the waist is really flattering for both of these body shapes.  If you top it with a jacket, choose a longer, straight jacket that is just slightly shorter than the dress.

The grey knit is a wonderful basic piece. The biggest drawback is that a knit reveals every hill and valley. Having recently attended some social gatherings where ladies were wearing the “bandage dress”, I can attest to the fact that unless you have a perfectly toned body, these knits are not the most flattering.   That being said, this dress, perhaps in a different fabric, is extremely versatile and can be worn with a variety of sweaters, vests, or jackets.

Since many ladies have triangle shapes, a classic dress with a fuller skirt is the answer.

Let's see some sleeve!
Let’s see some sleeve!

This white dress has a slightly flaired skirt but the style would work wonderfully with more flair.

What will make this dress a go-to basic is the option of being able to add scarves, belts and jewelry to the basic dress or to use accessories to augment the look with a jacket, vest , or sweater. Choose one of your best basic colors that will go well with a variety of toppers already in your closet. Then, accept the compliments and count the many ways you can enjoy your this new workhorse.

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