Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 10, 2011 by admin
We were watching the news the other night and my husband commented that the channel must have a new make-up artist as each female on the channel was wearing what appeared to be identical red lipstick. Fashion trends come and go and I was aware that red lips had made resurgence this spring but this was a bit much.

Like every other trend, some people can wear it and some can’t. First, the general rule is to emphasize either eyes or lips, not both unless you are on stage. If you are young, emphasize your best feature. If you have beautiful eyes, use them as your fashion focal point. If you have great lips, put the emphasis there.

However, for those of us who are a bit older, signs of aging often occur at the jaw line. In this case, you want to bring attention up on the face and emphasize your eyes. In a recent interview with Hillary Clinton, she had chosen bright red lipstick. It was not her best style. Now, Ms. Clinton is showing her age, which, I am sure is exacerbated by the intense schedule she must keep. She would be better served by drawing attention up to her eyes and not emphasize her mouth and jaw area. 

There are many examples of women with a natural look who use soft make-up all over and look lovely. On the flip side, a young, dramatic person can pull off both eyes and mouth for a special occasion. As in all fashion, you only want to follow those trends that work for you.

To keep your lipstick on longer, a great trick is to use a lip pencil and, after outlining the lips, fill in the lip area with the pencil. This helps hold your lipstick in place so that you won’t have to check the mirror so often.

Another fashion tip is to choose a color that complements what you are wearing but does not match. This is especially true of red. A red lipstick that matches your red garment is never as flattering as choosing a color that is good with your skin while complementing your red garment.

You must decide if bright red is your new spring lipstick fashion color. If you are drawn to the look, try it out. Do a preview in the mirror and ask a few friends for their opinion. If you think this is your new fashion look, enjoy every moment of it.

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