Reflecting on Thanksgiving



img_1853After enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving last week, my husband and I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably beautiful weather and drive up to north Georgia to visit Gibbs Gardens. Our Sunday School class has taken several excursions there but we had never been able to go. What an amazing surprise!

Jim Gibbs, of Gibbs Landscape in Atlanta, built the Manor House where he lives in the midst of the 220-acre property and oversees the operation.   We arrived at the peak of the Japanese maple color. These beauties are located in the Japanese Gardens section that was so reminiscent of our fall visit to Kyoto many years ago. Mr. Gibbs plants 300 new maples each year to make sure there will always be new trees to maintain the beauty of the park.  img_1848 This feature of the park is the largest Japanese garden in the world — even larger than the Japanese gardens in San Francisco.   An exact copy of the Monet Bridge in Giverny is a beautiful focal point over one of the water features.

Each section of the park features blossoms typical for one season. Spring daffodils will begin blooming in March and extend through April 15. There are over 20 million daffodils (that’s Million with an “M”) with 100 varieties, blooming through this period.   I can hardly wait to see this display of spring beauty.

Reflection on the pond.
Reflection on the pond.

As we wandered through the paths, we were simply overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s creation. How fortunate we are to live in Atlanta where we have such an abundance of natural beauty! And, each season brings a new panorama for us to enjoy. It is a welcome time to pause and give thanks for those things for which we are grateful before jumping into the flurry of holiday shopping, parties and other activities.

Next week we will talk about what to wear for the holiday parties.

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