Seen on the Streets of Paris

My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a conference last week in Paris so of course, I was watching to see which fashion trends were popular in this fashion capital of the world.   (With the exchange rate at $1.50 to every 1 Euro, observing was as close as I wanted to get to participating in the Paris fashion scene!) The majority of people I saw were the young, which makes sense when you understand that Paris has 600,000 college students and most of our time was spent in the vicinity of the various universities.   This remained true with our one-day TGV ride to Rennes where one third of the population is university students.

Jeans – The vast majority of the students were wearing some sort of jeans.  Skinny legged jeans, many of which were distressed like  stores are showing here, were the most popular.  I did not see even one person – male or female – wearing baggy or oversized jeans.

Boots – To complete the jeans look, most of the young women had on knee high boots.   I wrote in an earlier blog how the knee-high boots were expensive and not that wearable but their popularity in Paris certainly proved me wrong.

Winter shorts – Although I only saw a few students sporting the winter shorts look, it was enough to get my attention.  Of course, they were all worn with opaque tights so it definitely gave a more winter look.  Some were quite attractive but others did nothing for their wearers.  I doubt that this will be a big hit in Atlanta but then, maybe if I were around the college campuses more, I might be proven wrong.

Opaque Tights – The young women not wearing jeans or shorts were wearing very short skirts.   Without exception, they all completed the look with opaque tights.  With temperatures dropping to freezing some mornings, tights offered the practicality of modesty as well as much needed warmth!

Scarves – The biggest fashion trend for both women and men was the scarf at the neck.  These scarves are the oblong ones, a bit narrower and lighter weight than a traditional Pashmina.  These were often wrapped around the neck with both ends toward the front or wrapped a bit more snuggly and tied in front.  This was the most common mode for men.  Others folded the scarf in half lengthwise, drawing it around the neck and then place the ends through the loop.

So if you are like me, thinking the skinny jeans, winter shorts and opaque tights might be better on the 20’s crowd, consider the scarf.  This is one trend that is wearable by all ages. To find a fashion trend that is not only fashionable but also practical is truly an accomplishment.  And the best news is that stores in Atlanta are offering huge selections of scarves in a wide range of colors and weights.     


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