Seven Tips to Look Younger


When I was a little girl, grandmothers and “could be grandmothers”, seemed to have a uniform.  I remember my grandmother squeezing herself into her corset, putting on her purple dress (all of her dresses were varying shades of purple) and lacing up her sensible black shoes that looked like oxfords with a sturdy  1 ½” heel.  Her weekly hair appointments rendered the same results year after year:  swept up and kept in place throughout the week with a hair net.

What happened? It was like – POOF!   Women went from being youthful and active to “granny” carbon copies of each other.

Today it is nearly impossible to ascertain the age of women.  Are they 45 or 55?  Maybe 55 or in their 60’s.  It really isn’t important what age you are.  That is an “is” – something that can’t be changed.  What you can do is use techniques to always appear your most youthful and vibrant without the necessity of surgery.

Following are some tips that will help perpetuate the mystery of which decade is your.

Hair:    Hair is probably the most noticeable feature so it is especially important.  Hair needs to be clean and shiny.   Length can be tricky.  There comes a point when long hair might be better a bit shorter.    Long hair often gets pulled back  – think Hillary Clinton – where there is no style.

Some people look fabulous when allowing the gray to show, while it can look matronly on others.   I would always consult a good hairdresser.  If you have used the same hairdresser for years, it may be a good idea to get a fresh opinion.  This is not being disloyal, it is just allowing another set of professional eyes to make suggestions.   Diane von Furstenberg has always worn long hair but she has softened from almost black to a softer brown.  Judi Dench keeps her short hair a soft blonde.

Skin: Often more mature skin requires more moisture so it is important to find a moisturizer that nourishes your skin properly.   Try samples first to make sure the product works for you.

Makeup:  You most likely will need to adjust your makeup techniques about each five years.  Your skin gradually softens in color and you may notice the area around the jaw is not quite as firm as it used to be.  Most women will find that using lighter lipstick while adding subtle emphasis to the eye will be more attractive.  This draws the eye up and away from any heaviness that has appeared at the jaw.

Nail Polish:  It is better to use a neutral polish.  Hands are one of the first areas of aging.  If your hands have brown spots or other evidence of aging, you don’t want a bight polish to draw attention.  Also, many women “talk” with their hands – oh, yes, guilty of that one!.  My husband commented once, “Can you repeat that?  I blinked.”  You don’t want to have your hands be the center of your conversation.

Bra:  A good bra is essential.  Bosoms tend to drop lower with age so giving nature some help.  The mound of the bosom should be halfway between the chin and waist.  Adding a deeper neckline visually diminishes this imbalance.  Turtlenecks exacerbate the distance from chin to the bosom mound as well as draw attention to any sagging under your chin.

Choose a good foundation:  Whether you are a size 4 or a size 14, a good foundation will smooth out unwanted bulges.  This is especially true when wearing knits.

Perfect fit:  Always choose clothes that fit perfectly.  If something is too tight it looks like you are trying too hard to be young and sexy.  But, too large appears sloppy.  Your alterations expert is your best friend.

Smile:   A ready smile takes off years.  Show your most beautiful self!

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