Shoe Shock


This spring I have felt a bit like Alice wandering through Wonderland in seeing the  spring shoe collections.

Just when we thought shoes could not get more extreme, the spring collections prove us wrong.   Not only has this trend continued with women’s shoes, it has invaded the men’s market.  Who would have ever thought of seeing a man wearing lime green bucks?  What’s even more surprising is that Brooks Brothers, the icon of conservatism, is offering them!

Prada, the most consistent purveyor or extreme styles, has done it again.  Extending the racecar theme from their clothing line, they are embellishing high-heeled sandals with flames and featuring rocket-like tubes of lipstick on heels.  Quirky but fun if you are in the market to make such an investment.

Christian Louboutin is featuring men’s loafers covered with spikes and women’s heels with spikes on the toes.  These might come in handy if you are walking down a dark alley in an unsavory area of town but they don’t appear very user-friendly.  One definitely wouldn’t want to wear them to any meeting or event where you wish to be approachable!

For all of you who love the extreme and want to wear a conversation piece of footwear, make it work by letting that be the whole statement.  Understate everything else, showcasing the shoes.  You won’t need jewelry or large handbag.  Contrary to our usual principle of drawing the eye to your face for that first impression, your feet will take center stage.  In order to bring that attention back to you, you are going to have to be at your best, showing your most vibrant, bubbly personality.  These shoes are not for the quiet, retiring person who prefers to stay in the background!

Lime green bucks might be great fun for the advertising or artist type of man.  You might even pop in a lime pocket square to carry out the look if you have warm coloring.  For those of you with cool coloring, take a look at the raspberry and brown wingtips Cole Haan is offering.  If you find these a bit too obvious but want to express your individuality, try unique socks like  Jean Yves Thibaudet, world renown concert pianist.  His “uniform” is a tux so he wears red socks.  Above all be yourself.

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else.”  Judy Garland


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