Skirts Back in the Spotlight


Trend-setters in the fashion world are turning to skirts to make them cutting edge with fashionistas.  After seasons of skinny jeans and dresses, the skirt is poised to be the one item that will update a wardrobe.  To quote Marshall Cohen, chief analyst with the research firm NPD Group, “The skirt has become the new hot toy for women to play with in fashion.”

Stores are offering a plethora of style choices: flared minis, knife-pleated midis, below-the-knee pencil shapes and A-line.  Mix in prints of every description and you have choices beyond your wildest dream.

Skirts can be a great solution for those for whom it seems nearly impossible to find trousers that fit (translation:  90+% of women).  I like minis worn with tights  and think they look best on younger wearers.  A pencil skirt is a great choice for the oval or rectangle body shape.  Pair with an over blouse, sweater or tunic top and you are good to go.  Flared, pleated, or A-lines are great fashions for the triangle as well as inverted triangle.  A triangle wants to camouflage their wider hips while the inverted triangle is seeking to visually balance narrow hips with wider shoulders.  Fuller skirts are more flattering for most people when on a yolk to keep the waist area smooth.

A good rule of thumb is to keep either the top or bottom fitted.  An unfitted top worn over a full skirt makes one look more like a blob than a fashionista.

When choosing a skirt, think of various pairings with tops and jackets.  The fun of a skirt is its versatility.  See how many different looks you can make out of one garment.

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