Stripes Anyone?

Posted on January 14, 2010 by admin 

“We love stripes!” Colleen Sherin, woman’s fashion director for Saksis sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly what sparks a new fashion trend but there have recently been several books about Coco Chanel in addition to the film.  The economy may have played a part as well.  Certainly the stripes, originating from the lowly swabbies, may be more appealing to consumers than emulating a suited banker or for that matter, a polished politician.   I don’t think we can pinpoint the exact catalyst of why this return to fashion representing honest labor and earthiness will be so dominate in stores.   Based on what I read, you can expect to see  many versions of the mariniere for both men and women as spring clothes begin to arrive in stores across the country.

Stripes have a fresh, clean look and most people can wear some version of them.   I caution you to do the “blink” test to be sure they are not too dominant.   If so, there is another version that will work so keep looking.  (The “blink” test is to close your eyes for a moment as you stand in front of a mirror.  When you open your eyes, if the garment is the first thing you see, it is too dominant.)

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