Summer: Color it White

I love white for summer.  As temperatures soar and humidity rises, white just somehow always feels cool and crisp.

Stores are replete with white this year.  White dresses, white skirts, white slacks, white blouses.  Not to mention accessories!  Handbags, shoes, sunglasses and beyond, a few well-chosen white accents can be your brightest idea.  White is stunning against dark skin but it may need an accent of color to truly flatter someone with fair skin.

To find your special shade of white, choose the shade that matches the whites of your eyes.   Consider your teeth also.  If your teeth are more off-white, choose a shade that supports them.  Otherwise, a truly white-white draws attention to the feature that is more of an off- white.  Let’s try to keep all attention positive!

One note of caution, if you are wider through the hips than through the shoulders, using a darker shade from the waist down will visually diminish the width of the hips.  Or, you could choose a dress with a flared skirt to camouflage.

Personally, I love adding a pop of color near my face when wearing white so I slip on a colorful scarf, sweater or jacket with a dress or blouse.  With pants or a skirt, I will pair them with a shell or blouse in one of my best colors.  To give an outfit a bit more polished look, I often slip on a white or color-coordinating jacket, which also prevent getting chilled in an air-conditioned room.  Not only do I enjoy the color accent but no one wants to look like a nurse, unless, of course, you are one.

White works as a great accent.  You already have an emerald green dress?  Try a chalk white necklace or bracelet as an accent.  White works with everything.  White with black, white with brown.  Maybe tangerine, hot pink or bright blue.  This is “white with a bite” since white used as an accent for a bright color leaps from the realm of boring and conservative to making a statement.   Remember to check the mirror and make sure that you are wearing your outfit and it isn’t wearing you.

So this summer be cool, hip and look like a million without breaking the bank!

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