Bright, Bold Colors

Have you noticed lots of bright pinks, oranges, or greens in stores? It seems that every fashion magazine is replete with bright, saturated colors for spring and summer. It is a pleasant change from the somber colors we have seen in the past but it also requires some skill in wearing them so that you don’t look like a fashion victim.

A number of designers are showing bright, saturated colors combined together. Some collections are showing analogous colors (combining adjacent colors on the color-wheel), while others are using complementary colors (across the color wheel). When these colors are at full intensity, more fashion skill is required.
First of all, saturated colors should be becoming to you. If your coloring and/or personality are not well showcased by saturated colors, you can soften the look by choosing something in shaded, tinted, muted or toasted.

Jill Sanders
Secondly, proportion is all-important. Keep in mind a one-third/two third proportion. Look at this skirt and blouse by Jill Sanders. This is a complementary color combination. Notice that both the skirt and blouse appear as a block of color in equal proportion. This skirt and blouse pairing would be much more pleasing with either a longer skirt or blouse giving a one-third/two-thirds proportion.
Another consideration is choosing a fabric that works for you. A shiny fabric works best with flawless skin. Otherwise, any little imperfection is exaggerated next to the smooth, shiny fabric.

This dress by Milly has equal color blocking. The difference is that the belt breaks up the block of red on the top so that it does not appear to be half and half. This designer has also chosen a more traditional color combination, combining saturated red with neutral black.

Nanette Lepore
Nanette Lepore has paired her bright orange top with traditional white pants. Designers have been pushing white for year around wear. This might work in warmer climates. I certainly can’t image white jeans in New York or any other Northern industrial city during the winter. In summer, however, white is one of my favorite basics. Pairing it with colors from your personal color palette present a fresh, cheerful appearance, even on the hottest days.
You will also notice that very little jewelry is shown for spring so you can put away all those bracelet clusters and necklace strands for another day.
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