Do You Have Clothes that You Never Wear?

Posted on April 28, 2011 by admin

How many of your clothes do you really wear? I just read an interesting statistic: The average person only wears 10% of the clothes in their closet.

Now that is a shocking statistic. However, when I think of he many closet edits that I have done, 10% might be high. So, how can you have a closet full of clothes and only wear one tenth of them? I think it is a variety of reasons.

Default: There is always that “go to” outfit one defaults to in a hurry. You start to get ready for work or an event and discovered what you were planning to wear has a spot or needs repair. Or, this outfit might be the easy solution when you haven’t taken time to plan what to wear.

Size: Maybe you are one of those people with various sizes in your closet. There is always that favorite outfit that “I just need to lose 10 pounds”. Sometimes it’s hard to realize it has really been five years since you have worn some of those clothes. Maybe it is time to donate those to a charity and reward yourself with a shopping expedition to celebrate, once those pounds are history.

It was on sale! You go shopping and a spot a top designer label on sale for an amazing price. The temptation is simply too great so you buy it. The problem is that you have nothing to go with it or it really doesn’t work for you. Thus it hangs, unworn, in your closet with the tags still on. A few years ago, my daughter found a jacket at a resale shop by a famous designer. She carried this in her car for at least two years searching for the right thing to wear with it. I don’t believe she was ever successful but she probably got her money’s worth by the fun she had searching.

Fit: If something doesn’t fit right, it is not comfortable and you don’t look your best. Rather than letting that item hang in the closet, take it to a good tailor. Unless you are one of the few who can wear a garment off the rack, factor the cost of alteration into your budget for new purchases.

Wrong pattern or color: You found something that looked fantastic in the store but when you got it home, the color or pattern just never feel right so you never wear it.

If even 50% of the clothes in your closet hang there unworn, isn’t it time to assess the reason why? If you spend even $50 to $100 a month on clothes, that is $300 to $600 that has been “thrown away” so to speak each year. I encourage each of you to spend a little time determining why these clothes are not worn and how to have a closet in which you can wear everything and know you always look fabulous. 

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