The Colors of Spring


Such an array of vibrant colors this spring!  The Pantone color of the year is emerald but one would not know that from the full spectrum of colors found in stores.  Even the names indicate choice!

Vibrant pink, fuchsia, and bubblegum are among the featured shades of pink.  One can choose from yellow, citrus and canari (yes, with an “i”) or sapphire, cobalt, skyblue, and turquoise.  Then verde, evergreen, and grass portray the choices of green.  Lastly, there is orange, which is a statement without need of elaboration!

Many of these colors are saturated, at their full intensity.   These vivid colors will not be as good in a conservative business environment.  Saturated colors take an outgoing personality and complement the person with pizzazz.  If you are more reserved and prefer not to be the center of what is happening, try adding a pop of color to a more neutral combination.

Maybe your coloring is soft and vivid, saturated colors “wear you”.  Some manufacturers feature softer muted or tinted shades.  To add a modern touch, they have combined a soft blue with peach, for example.

Not sure what will work for you?  Call us and we will help you with a fun, fresh,  spring look that says YOU! or 404-428-2527

If your coloring is cool, pinks, blues, violets and cool greens will look best.  If you haves warm coloring, go for the yellows, oranges and yellow-greens.  So you are cool tone and love orange.  Wear it below your waist or use it as an accent away from your face.

You can always use a bright color in your shoes.  These “canari” heels would be great with a deep blue or violet dress.  Or try a vivid colored purse.   Maybe you are comfortable with just a pop of color in your jewelry.  What’s important to remember is to have fun with color without going against your personal style.

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