The Paradox of Tattoos


imgresRemember when bikers, tough guys, and sailors were the only ones who wore tattoos? When they began being a part of the mainstream a few years ago, disapproval of the trend brought about changes in dress codes requiring employees to cover up all tattoos. I remember one friend changing hair salons because she did not like to see the array of tattoos on salon employees. Today, with 21% of the population wearing some sort of tattoo, acceptance is growing and restrictions in dress codes are being relaxed.images-1

Along with wider acceptance, some people decide they no longer like a particular tattoo or have occasions where they prefer not to be confronted with questions about the tattoo.   Voila! Creative artists to the rescue!   Tattoo removal has been used for a while but now make-up artists are honing their skills to cover up those pesky body embellishments for special occasions. A recent article interviewed two brides who took two different approaches. One bride chose her wedding dress to complement her tattoos, giving them full visibility. Another called in a makeup artist to cover them up so that, as she stated, all of the attention of her 300 guests could be focused on the wedding and she did not have to field dozens of questions about her tattoos. She also considered how it might be looking back on her wedding pictures in thirty years.

Cosmetically camouflaging tattoos does not come without a cost. It is actually more expensive than having done the original tattoo. The makeup does last for a few days but then it is gone and the tattoos are again visible. images-2Tattoo removal is another growing business and is more costly and takes longer.   Number of treatments depend on the size of the tattoo, color of ink and one’s skin tone. One New York doctor stated that patients can expect to pay $350 or more per session for tattoo removal with possibly ten sessions over a period of years.

images-3The urge to follow some current trends can have long lasting consequences—not to mention costs. Maybe adding a temporary tattoo to give that artistic punch for a specific event would be a solution. Don’t forget a hip new runway look can make a real statement. When you are tired of it, off to consignment or the Good Will and you are ready for the next statement outfit. So much more fun without the cost and pain!  

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