Top Ten Looks for Fall

As promised, here are latest fall trends that Neiman Marcus has chosen as “must haves”.  Since there are ten of them, we will cover five this week and five next week.

RED – Past seasons have featured light pink, hot pink, berry and various renditions of red but this fall we are seeing true red tones.  Various shades of red can be found everywhere ranging from coats to suits, day and evening dresses and accessories.  Red is a wonderful color to have in your wardrobe that everyone can wear in some shade.   The cooler tones of red will compliment cool skin tones and those with warm skin tones can wear the warmer tones.  Burgundy is an excellent choice for business-wear.  It is red with black added which makes the red a shaded tone.  The black gives much more “weight” to the color and thus, adds a strong business presence.  Brown added to red makes a rust tone and creates the same effect for warm-toned people.  These shades are an excellent choice for more conservative business settings such as banking, law offices and accounting firms.  Of course, if you love a bright red, there are lots of options for evening and casual or office wear if you have more latitude in what you can wear.

MOTORCYCLE JACKETS – These jackets are not our typical stereotype of a motorcycle jacket  with “Hells Angels” blazoned across the back.  The name comes only from the similarity of style – usually leather, fitted and zippered and ending just below the waist.   And, as always, there are other variations. They are usually best worn with a slim bottom, either slacks or skirt.  If you choose a skirt, be sure to check the proportion.  You want a 1/3 to 2/3 or 2/5 to 3/5 visual division and not a half and half.  In other words, if you choose a skirt, be sure it is not the same length as the length of the jacket or add length to the skirt by adding tights in the skirt color with matching shoes.

LEOPARD –  This is just a slight change from last season which featured animal prints.  These leopard prints are shown in colors as well as natural.  As for last season, be sure you can wear this print.  It can overpower so give it the “blink” test.   Stand a few feet away from the mirror, close your eyes and when you open, note the first thing you see.  If it is the print, it is too dominate so that others will see the print before they see you.   If leopard print just makes your heart sing, you should have something in the print.  If an entire garment is too much, try a scarf, handbag or shoes.  

ACCESSORIES WITH HARDWARE – Only a slight variation from last season, designers are still featuring hardware trim on handbags and shoes.  Hardware such as rivets, buckles and zippers give a much more casual air to shoes or handbag so it is good to keep this in mind when making a new purchase.  They are perfect for casual wear but if you wear a suit to the office or dress up for church or going out, it will be best to have less casual accessories.  I have seen women out for dinner wearing a charming dress with snappy shoes carrying an oversized handbag covered with hardware.  The handbag looked so out of place and detracted from the attractive way in which the wearer had otherwise presented herself.  It just takes a minute to change handbags.   Otherwise, if you only have one handbag, I would recommend choosing something that will work for both casual and more formal situations.

LEGGINGS – This trend is bigger this season than last and extends to skinny jeans and other pants that are skin-tight.  Leggings are a great compliment to a very  short skirt or winter shorts.   They make logic of wearing something very short in the winter by adding warmth and modesty.   These looks are best left to the very young who are trim and have great legs.   The same goes for the skinny jeans and trousers.  They are a fun look for the trim person with long legs.  If you are a triangle (hips wider than your shoulders) these skinny pants will only accentuate your hip area.  

We will complete the last five trends next week.  Remember, you can look fashionable by only adopting a few of these new looks.  Choose those that you love and work well for you to give that up-dated look!


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