Top Ten Styles – Part II


Accentuated Shoulders – continue to enjoy a prominent place in fashion this season.  This look is less extreme than in the spring but you will see many variations of a cap sleeve on dresses as well as more elaborate sleeves with pleats or tucks at the shoulder.  Larger shoulder pads are also featured on suits and jackets.  This look generally will work well for a triangle as it gives balance for a wider hip.  However, for an inverted triangle, it will accentuate the wrong area.  When trying on a garment with added shoulder features, be sure to take a long, hard look in the mirror and assess your balance and proportion.

Metallic Shoes – are being shown in every style from boots to very high heels of every description to ballerinas.  If you are not into some of the more extreme styles, you can always find cute ballet flats or more utilitarian walking shoes.  The pewter or bronze colors can be fun new basics that work well with beige/brown tones or black/grey/blue basics in your wardrobe.   And, of course, winter white will work with either one; just choose the one that compliments your coloring.  These lighter colors are an excellent choice if you have lighter hair as it draws your eye back up to your face after the eye has naturally scanned from head down through the body to the feet.

Major black dresses – is simply a rephrase of the “little black dress”.   Dresses have been such a major fashion trend for past seasons but often featured in jersey prints.  I, personally, am not wild about seeing so many knit dresses in the work place as they are often too revealing and not always flattering.  The new black dress look features other fabrics and ranges from business appropriate dresses to evening.  Unfortunately, black is not the best color for many people.  If you are warm-toned or have light hair and skin, black is too harsh, however, you should be able to find styles with contrasting colors near the face.  Another trick is to add a scarf at the neck that contains colors from your palette.   The black dress is a great way to transition from work into evening.  Just add a jacket in your color palette to a simple black dress for day then remove the jacket, add some sparkling jewelry from your color palette, switch to strappy shoes, change your larger handbag to a clutch and you are set.

Cozy Knits – range from sweater coats and jackets to a variety of sweaters, sweater sets and dresses.  There are so many variations that I’m sure you can find something you love that looks great.  Remember that the bulky knits will visually add pounds and can overpower a petite person.  Another consideration is the texture.  If you have very smooth skin and hair, the texture of a bulky knit does not usually work well.  If, however, you have curly hair and/or texture to your skin such as freckles, the texture of a bulky knit will compliment beautifully.


High Impact Jewelry – is again an important fashion accessory this season.    Scale is the most important principle to observe.  The jewelry should not be overpowering or too insignificant for your presence – your bone structure and your personality.    It should also work with what you are wearing.  If you have a higher neckline, your necklace should either rest above the neckline or drop appropriately below.   Also, note how bracelets work with the sleeves.  Jewelry is intended to enhance your total look and not give an “almost worked” impression.

Since a number of these featured looks are similar to previous seasons, I am sure you can find several things already residing in your closet.   Of course you will not want every one of these ten as you will find some that won’t work or that you simply choose not to participate in wearing.  Good for you!  You know what is best for you.  Choose only those new items that will augment what you presently have while looking very “Fall 2009”.  And most of all,  have fun!

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