Travel With Aplomb

Travel With Aplomb

Posted on August 16, 2012 by admin
Don’t we all remember when people traveled like this!

With airline imposing more and more stringent restrictions and charging for checked baggage, we may want to rethink how to pack for a trip. Adding insult to injury, there is an increasing chance for theft with checked luggage. One recent article described the aircraft baggage area as “flea markets” for baggage handlers with free access to “shop” unimpeded. JFK was sited as particularly problematic. One should never place electronics, jewelry or other highly prized items in their checked luggage. A few years ago, I placed my designer sunglasses in my suitcase to avoid adding more bulk to my purse. Bad idea. They did not arrive with my luggage.

So, what is a traveler to do?

Travel with a roll-on whenever possible. For travel of a week or less, this is not an issue. If the trip is longer, it may be necessary to check luggage but let’s just take a hypothetical weeklong trip.

1. Review each day of travel and daily planned activities.
2. Will you need walking shoes, heels, other?
3. Do you need an evening handbag/jewelry?

Let’s assume that you are going to New York for a week. You have a three-day conference and are going to add two days for shopping, museums, theatre and sightseeing.
If I were making this trip, I might pack the following: (Note: I am more a summer palette with softer shades of cool tones.)

Dark gray simple sheath dress (gray is my “black”)
Navy and gray slacks or skirts (2 total)
3 tops – combination of shells and blouse (white, light blue and light gray)
1 jacket and 1 sweater (blue jacket – deep pink sweater)
2 pair shoes – pewter heels, navy walking shoes
2 or 3 scarves with colors that complement jackets, sweaters and blouses

For travel, I would wear dark-washed, pressed jeans, with a washable blouse, my red suede jacket and comfortable shoes.

This core wardrobe will make sixteen different combinations without including travel clothes or the addition of a scarf or jewelry and they will easily fit into a roll-on with room for necessary items. That is more than three different outfits per day which should be sufficient for even the most discerning travelers.

Would this work for you? How would you assemble your travel wardrobe? I’d love to hear your comments.

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