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A few days ago we attended a dinner where everyone shared some fun thing about themselves.  One couple told that when they were first married, the husband called his wife shortly before Christmas and the conversation went like this:

Husband:   “Hey, what are you doing?”

Wife:           “I’m buying my Christmas present.”

Husband:   “Really.  Are you going to have it gift            wrapped.”

Wife:          “I hadn’t planned to.”

Husband:   “Well, please do because I want to be surprised.”

As you can guess, that started their tradition of buying their own Christmas gifts and having them wrapped to surprise the other one!  How fun is that?

Consider the gift of beauty, time and frustration gone by never having to walk into your closet and not know what to wear. With a Style With Aplomb consultation or closet edit you will only need to decide which outfit to wear, then will be confident that you always look your authentic best for every occasion.   The good news is that we are offering a 20% discount through December 25th.  Order your gift certificate today, then schedule your appointment at your convenience for 2013!

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Have the Merriest Christmas ever!





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