What”s under that dress?

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New York Fashion Week 2007 by Peter Duhon

We attended a large party this weekend where the guest list spanned the gamut in age and style of dress.  As an image consultant, it is always great fun to attend such a party as I get a fascinating peek into a wide cross section of Atlanta.  With temperatures soaring into the 90’s and intensified by the typical high humidity, it is no surprise that many ladies chose sundresses.   Along with sundresses, one could find dressy cocktail dresses, dressy casual and just simply casual.  It wasn’t until people started dancing that the need for  proper under garments became spotlighted.

One of the popular fabrics for summer is a knit or jersey.  These dresses come in different weights but all of them should come with a “caution” label.  One striking young lady wore a heavier jersey dress that fit her beautifully.  She was lovely until she started to dance.  Once on the dance floor, it was quite evident that she was only wearing a thong and the longer she danced; the jersey dress clung even tighter, making the lines of her thong more pronounced.   Jersey has a proclivity to affix itself to skin once the skin is a bit moist with perspiration.  On a recent outing to the symphony, I followed a young lady out after the concert that was also only wearing a thong.  The long, jersey dress she was wearing had adhered itself to her derriere and left nothing to the imagination.  I’m sure none of the ladies wearing a dress of this type have any idea that a dress that looks so attractive from the front could ultimately be such a disaster from the rear.  This is where some under garments would save the dress and the appearance.  A half-slip would help skim over whatever kind of panties the wearer chose and keep a nice, smooth line.  One trick that I use with a garment that shows a panty line is to wear panty hose with the feet cut off.  This allows for a bare sandal look while a providing a line-free undergarment.

Another undergarment error that I observed was a middle-aged lady with salt and pepper grey hair wearing a satin cocktail dress.  The dress was quite modest and appropriate for her build and her age but once on the dance floor, it clearly revealed that she was not wearing a bra.  It did not appear that the cut of the dress would prevent wearing a regular bra but if so, a strapless bra would have been appropriate.  Some very young women can get away without a bra for a while but the majority of women need a bra to keep “the girls” in place and help the dress fit correctly.

The third example of needing help with undergarments (or lack of) was a lady who appeared to be with her 20 something daughter and her boyfriend.  This lady had chosen a cocktail dress that revealed more of her bosom than it covered and had even had a bare area in the middle of the back.  She was much more exposed than her daughter and it seemed to me that she would have been much lovelier in a less revealing dress.  I have talked with many men who have stated that they find a suggestion of sexy far more alluring than revealing so much that nothing is left to the imagination.

Anyone looking for that great summer dress that will work for our hot, humid summers might want to be more thorough in checking out how it will sit, move with you on the dance floor and be perceived by others.  Even though it is not quite as cool as wearing minimal undergarments, taking precautions that you are properly covered can save you embarrassed once you hit the dance floor or spend time sitting.

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