Which Frames Work for Me?

My husband has been sorting through stacks of old pictures and I was horrified when I saw the glasses I wore fifteen to twenty years ago!   What were we thinking with styles so large they covered the entire top half of our faces?!   Fortunately, I no longer need to wear prescription glasses but whether one wears prescription or not, sunglasses are always a fashion accessory so a look at which style flatters which face is appropriate.

Eyeglasses are a pricy investment so taking time to choose a style that flatters the face is important.   Many people treat prescription glasses as fashion accessories and have a collection to match different moods or occasions.

If your face is balanced – oval or hexagonal, you have a wide range of style options.  An oval face should have some roundedness to the glasses, especially if your brows are arched and your face has softness while a hexagonal face will look wonderful in strong angles, especially if the brow and mouth are dominantly straight lines.

Oblong, round, teardrop or heart shaped faces will need some curves, especially if one has rounded features.  Glasses for the oblong face should have be deep vertically and be slightly wider than the face.  This will make the face appear shorter.    A round face will look good in frames that are rounded but shallow in depth (sort of a horizontal oval) and should be just shy of the full width of the face.  This will give more length to the face while supporting the roundedness of features and face.  The teardrop face is fuller at the jaw line than the temple so glasses should give the illusion of width at the temple.  Frames with a strong horizontal line and detail at the temple will add width, helping balance the face.  In the same fashion, a heart shaped face should avoid wearing eyewear that adds width to the temple.  Frames should be slightly smaller than the face, of a uniform color and design details toward the bottom of the frame.

Rectangle, square, triangle and diamond shaped faces are all angular so the eyeglass frames should reflect those angles.  We are assuming that each of these faces is also dominated by straight lines.  The frames should have straight lines, sharp angles and geometric shapes.  One would use the logic of the previously listed face shapes except using angles instead of curves.  The rectangular face should shorten the face with more depth in the glasses like the oblong but use geometric frames rather than curved, the square face would choose glasses similar to the round face but select a rectangular look.  In the same way, a triangular face will be most complimented by following the advise for a teardrop face but choosing geometric shapes and the diamond will use the guidelines for a heart shaped face but choosing styles with geometric angles.

Frames in brushed metal can be very attractive for both men and women who have gray or dark brown hair.  You can have fun with tortoise-shell or even colored frames such as red or navy.   If you choose a definite color, be sure it will work with your clothing.  Red frames and an orange shirt could be a disaster!  Frameless glasses with non-glare glass and subtle wire temples are a great option if you want them to disappear.  If you wear bifocals, choose ones that are blended.

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