Working with your best Colors

I love color!  I have even been accused of being passionate about it!  Colors trigger emotional reactions.  We may feel happy or sad just seeing a certain color.

Colors also have a major influence on our appearance.   An example I use for workshops is the picture of a model with cool coloring wearing a dusty lime green.  Her skin is drained of all color and she looks ill while in another photo of her wearing dusty mauve, she looks radiant.  When we understand our natural coloring, we know how to use colors to look our most beautiful.


I have been working on an easy way to guide clients finding their best colors with just a few choices.  These colors all work in harmony and are extensions of their own natural coloring.

Here are two examples.  I have named them Sarah and Amber.

This first model, Sarah, has reddish brown hair, cool blue eyes with gray flecks, peachy lips and a warm beige skin color.  I selected color sticks to match her hair color, the shades of blue and gray of her eyes, soft peach for her lip color (if this were done in person, it would be her “pink” – the color of her gums, palm or her hands or other indicators) and her skin tone.  I also added an orange-red stick as the complement of her blue eyes and to round out the palette.  For business, Sarah  could use navy, gray or brown for suits.  I would probably select a module with the navy and gray that could be interchanged and later add the brown module.  The deep tone from the orange stick could make a beautiful business dress and all of the other colors would be striking in blouses, scarves, or accent pieces.  They would all work with the brown module as well.  The choices are only limited by your imagination.

Our second model, Amber, is all warm toned with her golden hair, green eyes, warm beige skin and brick colored lips.  Her eyes are a combination of shades of green and golden flecks.   Her hair is colored but her brows show her warm brown natural color.   I have also included a brick red stick to round out her colors.  Warm tones are not as business like as cool tones but can certainly be used unless you work in a very conservative environment and are in an upper management level.     The deeper teal of her eyes would be an excellent choice for a suit as would be the browns.  The jacket could be paired with trousers in one or more of the wheat tones.  The red stick could make a fabulous jacket or business dress and could be paired with the wheat colors.   Here again, you are only limited by your imagination.


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