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It was four or five years ago that my husband and I were walking through Lenox Square and I noticed the most incredible pair of slacks in the window of Neiman Marcus.  I pointed them out to my husband who agreed that they were extraordinary.  He suggested that I make arrangements to try them on.  Well, it took some time to find from which department they had originated and then I discovered they were by a new designer, Zac Posen, and they were the only pair in the store.  The window displays would be replaced in about a week, at which time I could determine what size they were and  the price.  It all seemed too improbably to possible work out and became even more doubtful when I checked back only to find that they were no longer in the window but could not be located.  On making one final attempt, I discovered that they had been located and were a size smaller than I wear.  As you may have guessed, not only did they fit but even needed to be taken in through the hips to accommodate my figure eight body shape.  What’s more, the prices of this new designer, although high, were within my budget. I love these slacks and get compliments on them each season.  The design is unique but timeless and will wear out before it goes out of style.

Since that experience, I have been following this young thirty-year-old designer as he has gained name recognition.  Unfortunately, not only have his prices increased with his popularity but also the fit of his garments is inconsistent so my special slacks are the only Zac Posen item in my wardrobe.   Susan Posen, Zac’s mom, has recently left her Beverly Hills law firm to become business manager for her son.  Under her guidance, he introduced Z Spoke this spring, a more moderately priced line carried exclusively by Saks Fifth Avenue.  An even lower priced line for Target stores has just been launched.  Mom obviously wants her son to start making some money!

Observers have concerns that the Zac Posen brand does not have broad enough name recognition in Middle America to make the kind of impact in Target that is needed.   My hope is that Mom’s business sense is able to catapult this charmingly handsome young designer into the realm of Armani, Valentino and De La Renta.  I am delighted that his designs will be available to a much broader audience.  If you get a chance to check out either line, I’d love to hear what you think.

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