Whether presenting a workshop for a corporate group, professional organization, or doing a mini-consultation for a small group, Beryl will tailor the content to the needs of the audience. Each participant will walk away with useful skills to implement right away!

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Introductory Style Workshop

Price: $267

Limited to six people, this home-studio workshop starts you off with key essentials to mastering color selection, finding the best styles for your body shape, and designing a core wardrobe for your lifestyle!

"Attending a Beryl Pleasants workshop is an eye-opener for anyone who has ever wondered why she looks horrible in an outfit that flatters one of her best friends. Incredibly knowledgeable, Beryl teaches with ease and poise and makes sure all her students leave with that "Aha!" experience. She communicates well, understands her clients and their interests and helps them look their best in any setting. Let Beryl bring you her color charts, body graphs and style differentiators and then hire her to go shopping with you. You will be amazed by the results."
- Lya Sorano

Three-Hour Closet Edit

Price: $597

Make your closet your best friend. Most people wear only 20% of the clothes in their closets, and they spend precious time each morning struggling to choose what to wear. We help you remove those items that don't work, discover new combinations that you might not have thought about putting together, and build a wish list of items to add versatility to your core pieces.

You will have a "going forward" wardrobe plan to help you maximize your wardrobe so you will look your best for every occasion without having to have a closet bulging with unworn pieces.

"Need advice on your style, your colors, your wardrobe, your look? Yes, you probably do! We take for granted that what we choose from our closet really works best for our body type, personality and the image we want to project to the world. Beryl Peasants pulls it all together for you. In less than two hours she educated me on my best color scheme and body type so I can project the image that is me. We also edited my closet to rid myself of the pieces that aren't worthy. I went shopping the next day, followed her advice, and my wardrobe has never looked better. Which means, I have never looked better! Thank you, Beryl!"
- Dawn Garten

Ultimate Consultation

Price: $647

This is the full, one-on-one personalized consultation, providing an in-depth assessment of every aspect of your personal style, including:

  • Complete Color Analysis with customized 100-color fan your proportions and lines to best project your individual beauty.
  • Body Shape Consult reveals the clothes and cuts that flatter your proportions and lines to best project your individual beauty.
  • Analysis of Face, Structure, Shape, and Texture and the amazing effects created when you mirror aspects of your face in your clothing.
  • How to Select Fabrics and Styles that are most flattering to you.
  • Comprehensive Wardrobe Plan (including Core Wardrobe Basic on how to turn 8 key pieces into 27 outfits)
  • Personality Assessment provides revealing info to help you showcase that personality so that you always look authentically "YOU"!

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