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For the budget conscious do-it-yourselfer who wants a complete makeover at minimal cost. This person enjoys shopping for themselves but needs a clear road map on what to choose. Consultation includes a custom 54-color fan and 9-page personalized guidebook on the best line and style for your body shape. We will help you develop a core wardrobe plan that matches your individuality and lifestyle.


Your first impression is made in seconds so how can you be assured that your first impression will make the right lasting impression? In this consultation, we will guide you in choosing your best colors and how to most effectively project your authentic beauty. You will learn how to choose clothing that supports your line, body shape, scale, proportion, and texture. You will understand why a print works for you or not, how to be approachable or authoritative. Consultation includes customized 54-color fan and 47-page guidebook.


If you love colors and understand their important role in your image, this is the consultation for you. In addition to a complete consultation of line, body shape, proportion, scale, texture, and we give you a totally customized color fan of 100 colors based on your eyes, skin and hair color. You will learn which styles best project your individual beauty and how to choose patterns and texture that work for you. Package includes custom 100-color fan and 47-page customized guidebook.

"Need advice on your style, your colors, your wardrobe, your look? Yes, you probably do! We take for granted that what we choose from our closet really works best for our body type, personality and the image we want to project to the world. Beryl Peasants pulls it all together for you. In less than two hours she educated me on my best color scheme and body type so I can project the image that is me. We also edited my closet to rid myself of the pieces that aren't worthy. I went shopping the next day, followed her advice, and my wardrobe has never looked better. Which means, I have never looked better! Thank you, Beryl!" Dawn Garten

"I thought I knew how to dress for success, but Beryl showed me how to do it better. She not only gave me some great ideas on how to improve my appearance, but she also showed me how to look more approachable. That's huge!"

Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.


Do you feel like your closet is holding you hostage? Did you know that most people wear only 20% of the clothes in their closet? Imagine if every item in your closet fit properly, looked great on you and you knew exactly how to mix it up to make many different looks. With a closet edit, you know your options before you walk into your closet—and there will be no more lonely, unworn pieces! You save time and money while looking your best.


Recently back in the dating game? Want to take your career to the next level? Lost or gained weight and need a new look? No matter the chapter in your book, Style With Aplomb can bring a fresh perspective and ensure you start your new phase confident and ready for success.

This package includes:

  • Master the First Impression Consultation
  • Closet Edit
  • Personal Shopping Trip
  • Comprehensive Wardrobe Plan


Not sure if an image consultant is right for you? Grab some friends and have a style party! Learn about what styles work best for your body type, get insights on colors that work best for you, and even how to work that tricky piece in your closet you haven't been able to wear yet. (Hostess receives free gift of one hour towards Closet Edit.)

Perfect event for professional associations, team building with employees, and even a girls' night out event. All of our events are custom tailored towards the needs of each group.

"I had the joy of working with Beryl when I was in need of some special dresses for our daughter's wedding. I am not a shopper nor am I very good at choosing colors and styles, that is why I went looking for help. We set up a date to meet so Beryl would be able to get a sense of my personality and coloration; that way her suggestions would suit me. That meeting lasted about thirty minutes and within an hour and a half later we had the perfect attire for each occasion. It was a painless process; she had the ability to see what would work for me and what would look fabulous on me as well. I will definitely be using her services again!"Kelly Spires

Whether presenting a workshop for a corporate group, professional organization, or doing a mini-consultation for a small group, Beryl will tailor the content to the needs of the audience. Each participant will walk away with useful skills to implement right away!

"Beryl is truly a professional in every aspect of her business. She assessed my needs and edited my closet to create a new wardrobe that's totally functional. I was impressed with her expertise, preparation, attention to detail and creativity. Beryl's knowledge of color and style was demonstrated as she taught me so much in a minimal amount of time. I now have working knowledge, confidence and a color chart to use when shopping. I trust Beryl to assist me in my future wardrobe needs and look forward to continuing our work together. I highly recommend Beryl as a personal stylist and for a closet edit, consultation and/or a style party. Her expertise is priceless. Those who work with Beryl will be thrilled with the outcome and they'll have fun discovering their colors and style for success. Many thanks to Beryl!"

Cathryn Marshall

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