"Sheer Delight. That's the best way I can describe my experiences with Beryl. From the first time I met her at a connections event, to our many coffee outings, and the many times she's helped me develop my business style, she has been an absolute delight. Over the course of our meetings, she has shown me a better way to dress, and explained the psychology behind it, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have had image consulting before telling me how to dress, but never WHY to dress that way. Beryl pulls in your own personality as well as skin tones and other factors to show you the perfect image for you. It clearly shows that she is in love with what she does, and it pours over into her high quality work."

"Whether for personal consulting or using her to help potential employees or clients, Beryl will definitely be getting my business again!"

Spencer Shearer

"Attending a Beryl Pleasants workshop is an eye-opener for anyone who has ever wondered why she looks horrible in an outfit that flatters one of her best friends. Incredibly knowledgeable, Beryl teaches with ease and poise and makes sure all her students leave with that "Aha!" experience. She communicates well, understands her clients and their interests and helps them look their best in any setting. Let Beryl bring you her color charts, body graphs and style differentiators and then hire her to go shopping with you. You will be amazed by the results."

Lya Sorano

"Beryl is a professional business consultant who did a "closet audit" and "image enhancement" with me. I was very pleased with the result. She is an expert at discerning your best colors, your best fits based on your body type and the appropriate clothing and accessories for professional and personal occasions. Ms. Pleasants gave me advice to change my image with kindness and firmness. She was extremely detailed in assessing from top to toe and giving hints on makeup and hair as well as taking into consideration a person's unique characteristics and style while meeting image goals. It was fun and a great learning experience for a changing career and just in time for Spring!"

Diane Fulton

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